Author Topic: Adventures in my new 55 gallon Multi colony  (Read 1580 times)

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Re: Adventures in my new 55 gallon Multi colony
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Jerry I'm in Eastern Pa and would be glad to take some fry off your hands. I have had my multies for 9 months and no fry. Its my fault for taking the  LFS's word. I told them i wanted 1 male and 1 female and they said i needed at least 2 females for 1 male. So i bought a total of 5 multies at $28 a piece. Come to find out they sold me all males. I will not be visiting reef to rift ever again it a shame too because its a really good store except for the deception.

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I'd be glad to share some fish with you, but I don't have any to spare now. As I said, the Synodontis eat my fry almost all the time. That is why I am surprised when I see them.
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